Why XR Collaboration?

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, technology makes it possible for us to work, learn, and interact with one another, while remaining physically distant. Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies (collectively XR) are driving a new generation of collaborative tools for business and education – not to replace current video conferencing, but to augment through spatial understanding.

By sharing fully-immersive spaces with others, we begin to bridge the physical gap and open up a whole new world of communication possibilities. XR Collaboration is a set of resources created by technology leaders to help bring us together like never before – including a full resource guide, platform directory, hardware hub, and more.

XR Hardware Hub

An impartial resource designed for business and education leaders to access detailed information about features and compatibility across the full spectrum of leading augmented, virtual, and mixed reality headsets, helping users choose the right device for their needs.

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March 9, 2021: New edition released!

We created the XR Collaboration Resource Guide to be an impartial resource that outlines how immersive XR technologies bridge the gaps between people, so we can live, work, and learn together.

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    XR Collaboration Resource Guide