How Do I Put A Tracker On My Husband’s Phone?

The thought of tracking your husband’s phone can be daunting, especially if you are not tech-savvy. But with the advances in technology, it is easier than ever to monitor someone’s activity… even if it’s your spouse.

According to a recent survey by 2020 Pew Research Center, 24% of partnered reported they were concerned about their husbands cheating or engaging in inappropriate activities with other people online. For those who fear their husbands are being unfaithful or engaging in activities that could potentially harm them, mSpy allows for total, remote control and monitoring of their phone.

What Is mSpy?


One of the most popular ways to track your husband is using an mSpy tracking app. With mSpy, you can track calls, messages, locations, and even see deleted items. In addition to this comprehensive monitoring package, mSpy also provides 24/7 customer service for any issues that may arise. This makes it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep tabs on their spouse’s activities without raising suspicion or having to manually monitor his phone every time he leaves the house.

mSpy’s Features That Keep Track Of Your Husband

GPS Tracking

One of the most important features of mSpy is its GPS tracking capabilities. With this feature, you can get an accurate picture of where your husband is going and for how long he’s staying there. This means you’ll be able to know if he’s really at work or somewhere else entirely.


Is another helpful feature that mSpy offers. With this, you can set up virtual fences around certain areas and receive alerts when your husband enters or leaves those locations. This is a great way to see if he’s been honest about his whereabouts. You’ll also be able to monitor all of the calls that come in and out of your husband’s phone, as well as any messages he sends or receives on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

What’s more?

mSpy will also let you keep track of any emails sent from your husband’s device, giving you an additional layer of security. Additionally, these following features make it easier for you to keep tabs on your husband’s activity and ensure that he is being honest about his whereabouts:

  • Access to all installed apps
  • Social media monitoring
  • Call and text log details
  • Web history and bookmarks
  • Photo and video logs
  • Text messages (even deleted ones)
  • 25+ other features

How to Put Tracker on Husband’s Phone?

Using mSpy to track your husband’s phone is an incredibly simple process. All you need to do is follow these five steps:

1. Purchase a subscription plan and set up your account.

2. Install the mSpy app on your husband’s device following the instructions provided in your online Control Panel.

Note: When you purchase mSpy, you will be provided with a unique code that can be installed on your spouse’s phone. This code will allow you to access all the information from the device, including GPS location tracking and data monitoring such as text messages and emails.

3. Once installed, you will be able to track his movements in real time, view details about any app usage on his device, receive notifications when he opens an app or visits a website and even have access to deleted items such as calls or chats. You can also use the GPS locator feature to find out exactly where your husband is at any time.

Why Women Choose mSpy As a Spouse Phone Tracker?

  • Secrecy

One of the biggest advantages of using mSpy is that it allows you to track your husband’s activities without him ever knowing. Since mSpy can be used remotely, you don’t have to worry about being caught in the act or having to ask for access to his phone. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes of set-up time before you can start monitoring your spouse.

  • Detailed reports

Another benefit of mSpy is that it provides detailed logs and reports on all activity related to the monitored device. This means that even if your husband deletes any information from his phone, you will still have access to it through mSpy’s logs and reports. You can also set up alerts for certain activities, such as when your husband is using certain apps or calling particular contacts.

  • Accurate Location Tracking

In addition to providing detailed logs and reports, mSpy also offers accurate location tracking. You can track the exact GPS coordinates of your husband’s phone in real-time, giving you peace of mind that you’ll know where he is at all times. This feature can be especially useful if you ever need to locate him quickly due to an emergency or other situation.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Finally, the user interface of mSpy is designed with simplicity in mind. It provides a convenient way for users to access detailed information about their spouse’s activity without having to navigate through complicated menus or settings.


How Can I Put A Tracker On My Husband’s Phone?

Installing a tracker on your husband’s phone is a simple process. First, purchase an mSpy subscription and install the app directly onto his device. Once installed, you’ll be able to access detailed information about their activity from the user-friendly interface.

What Is The Best Husband Tracker App?

mSpy is the leading tracker app for husbands, with a wide range of features and capabilities. It offers users an easy to use interface that provides detailed information about their spouse’s activity without having to navigate through complicated menus or settings. Additionally, mSpy also allows you to monitor and limit your husband’s activity on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Are There Any Alternatives To mSpy?

Yes, there are several other husband tracking apps available. However, mSpy is the most reliable and comprehensive option for monitoring your husband’s activity. Some of its top competitors include Spyzie, FlexiSpy, and Highster Mobile. Each of these offers slightly different features and capabilities that may be better suited to some people than others.


Overall, mSpy is an effective way to track your husband’s phone activity. With its easy-to-use interface and accurate reporting tools, you can quickly and easily monitor the activity of your spouse without having to sift through a mountain of data or spend too much time learning how everything works.

In addition, mSpy’s location tracking feature gives you peace of mind by allowing you to locate him in an emergency situation. By taking advantage of the powerful features offered by this app, you can rest assured knowing that your husband is safe while also staying informed about his activities. Get started with mSpy today!

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