Online Resource Guide

There are nearly 100 XR Collaboration tools currently on the market –  how do you know which one to use, and when?  This comprehensive guide was designed to provide the information you need to decide when, how, and with whom to collaborate in XR.  The accompanying online interactive Product Directory is a snapshot of known, available XR Collaboration products, their features, and the devices best suited for using them.  This is a rapidly evolving landscape, so be sure to check for updates periodically at:

The website will serve as the central repository of detailed information about every XR collaboration product, and an easy-to-use interactive tool for matching these to your needs. All of this will be free to use and share. Our aim is to help everyone make the best of an extraordinarily difficult situation, and we believe that by coming together (virtually), we have the best chance of overcoming the great challenges that lie ahead. 

The website hosts this publication in both HTML and downloadable PDF formats. “A Global Resource Guide to XR Collaboration” will be updated periodically, so please make sure you sign up with your email address for updates.