This free resource guide was created by a volunteer team of XR experts.  The people listed here have been working around the clock, while managing homeschooling their children, juggling their regular jobs, and attending tons of virtual meetings on all sorts of platforms, to understand every aspect of these XR Collaboration tools, so that you, the reader, can make the most informed and beneficial decisions that will hopefully lead to educating, improving work, and saving lives.  We thank each person on this list for their dedication to XR and its proliferation to unlock a new world of communication.  Content has been drawn from countless sources; a special thank you to everyone who contributed to this project.

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Terry R. Schussler
Deutsche Telekom
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Alan Smithson
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Julie Smithson
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Alice Bonasio
Tech Trends
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Caitlin Krause
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Raffaella Camera
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Ben Erwin
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Mark Sage
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Ferhan Ozkan
XR Bootcamp
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David Woodruff
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Kristin Wyman
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Louisa Spring
Augmentive Studio
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Alex Colgan
Farflung Studio
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Dylan Fox
XR Access