What is XR?

XR is a catch-all term for ‘eXtended Reality’ which encapsulates Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and all the associated immersive technologies that power these.

What is XR Collaboration?

XR collaboration refers to the use of XR technologies to bring groups of people together for remote activities, such as meetings, conferences, design reviews, classroom sessions, and more. Using XR technologies, individuals, and organizations now have the ability to communicate in a much more visceral and connected way, engendering a greater sense of physical presence through the use of head-worn devices.  Note: Handheld device and computer users also have the ability to join these events, but with far less immersion.

Why use XR Collaboration instead of video conferencing tools?

XR collaboration offers several advantages when compared to alternatives such as video conferencing, phone meetings, or even face-to-face interactions. These include an enhanced sense of presence, eliminating extraneous distractions, and enabling enhanced and more dynamic visualization of information and objects, as well as interaction with these objects in 3D. Furthermore, those dynamic interactions can happen in real-time with other collaborators, regardless of where they are physically located at that point in time.

What is the best AR/VR headset to buy?

There are many options for VR Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) available but not as many for AR currently. In the XR Collaboration Resource Guide itself we highlighted the HMDs which have the most support overall by the XR collaboration software products that are currently available. You will have to think about your particular requirements to decide whether you want to use AR or VR HMDs and then which features of these HMDs are most important to you.

Which XR Collaboration tool do you recommend?

We created the XR Collaboration Resource Guide with a focus on providing the information you need to prepare yourself before making a selection of a XR collaboration tool for your needs. We intentionally went out of our way not to identify particular products as “the best” or “the only” one in a general way. However, we are working to provide an interactive tool on this website which will allow you to identify your specific needs and feature requirements and then search the product Directory to get a list of the XR collaboration tools that are most likely to be the best options.

Who decided which XR Collaboration tools would be included in the Directory?

Our coalition of experts carefully scoured the industry looking for every XR collaboration tool we could find. We then contacted each company directly and asked them to respond to detailed surveys designed to gather the information we needed for the Directory. The Directory is getting new updates and additions every week – we will be updating the database frequently so as tools get new features or new tools become available we will have the latest information for you.

How do I submit updated information about my product which is listed in the Directory?

Email us at feedback@xrcollaboration.com .

How do I add my collaboration product to the Directory?

Don’t see your platform here? Fill out our form to get it added !